I don’t need to be your friend…

to teach you about business.

nofriendszoneAs a matter of fact, sometimes when business is involved, it’s best to not be your friend.

I know you’ve heard all about “creating relationships” and by doing so, this has the potential to increase your business.  I agree. But, only as it reads, “create relationships.”  It doesn’t say “create friends.”

sad-emojiI’ve seen way too many instances where people define associations as friendships and the first time there is a disagreement or someone says something the other doesn’t like or there’s no preferential treatment, etc., * boom * there goes the “friendship.”

If you’re serious about building a business, I suggest you focus on doing just that. Ditch the need to be friends, get busy, learn and apply, if the friendship happens, so be it – just don’t force it.

Please, don’t get this twisted, I have lots of friends who I associate with regarding business – however, we were “already” friends before they decided they wanted to learn internet business “how to” from me.

Today’s tip:  Keep the main thing, the main thing. You’ll be SO glad you did.

Until next time,


P.S.  What about you? How do you deal with your friends / associates when it comes to business?

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